A template is a group of settings that you can save in order to apply to a chart or group of charts.  This feature eliminates the need to alter and customize charts on an individual basis. From Candlestick Colors, to Fib and trendline colors, you can customize about every aspect of your Chart.

How do I save a template?

To create a template:

  1. Right click on a blank section of the chart.

  2. Select “Settings" from the chart menu.

  1. Make any changes to Chart Settings, Trading Settings, or Tool Settings for the template.

  1. Click "Apply".

  1. Add any desired indicators from left toolbar of the chart.  

  2. When finished, right click on a blank section of the chart.

  3. Select “Save template” from the chart menu. 

  1. Enter a description to save the template.

  2. Click “Save”.

  1. You can now apply the template to new and existing charts.

*Note: Chart Templates will NOT retain number of Bars in Memory.
*Note: Chart Templates WILL retain any Chart Elements on the Chart when a Template is saved.

How do I download a template?

To download a template:

  1.  Click on the “Services” menu. 

  2. Select “Downloads”. 

  1. Click on the "Template" tab.

  1. Select your chosen course folder from the left pane of the “Template” tab.  

  1. Select your desired template in the right pane.

  1.  Click “Download”.

How do I apply a template to a chart?

There are two ways to load a template.  You can apply a template to a chart during the creation of the chart or by loading a template on a existing chart.

To Load a Template: 

To create a chart with a template:

  1. Open the "New Chart" window.

  1. Select your currency pair in the first pane.

  1. Select your time frame in the second pane.

  1.  Select the name of the template in the third pane (the far right).

  1. Click "Open".  

*NOTE: When you return to the “New Chart” window, your last selected Template will already be selected for your convenience.

To add a template to an existing chart:

  1. Navigate to the chart that you wish to apply the template.

  2. Right click the chart 

  3. Select “Load Template”

  1. Select the name of the desired template.

  2. Click open to load the specified template’s layout. 

Applying Template to all charts in one particular workspace:

  1. "Load" the desired workspace

  2. Select that workspace from your workspace tabs.

  1. From the “Charting” menu select “Template Layout”.

  1. Select the Template you would like to use.

  2. Click “Apply”. 

This will load that template to ALL Charts in this selected workspace.

*NOTE: If you have any ATS or Chart Alarm running in that Workspace, it will be stopped in order to apply this Template to that Chart

Applying Template to ALL Charts in ALL workspaces:

  1. From the “Charting” menu select “Template Layout”.

  1. Select the Template you would like to use.

  2. Click “Apply All”. 

This will load that Template to ALL Charts in ALL workspaces loaded in RAM.

*NOTE: If you have any ATS or Chart Alarm running, it will be stopped in order to apply this Template to that Chart.

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Thanks for the addition of this template feature, and I’m sure I’ll be using it when I need it.
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This is a very useful feature and will save heaps of time and work
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I don’t remember when this was not a feature. to me, this nothing new.